We’re pleased to announce that Alisa Resnik wins the European Publishers Award with her project “One Another”.
The formal presentation of the Award will be held at the Rencontres D’Arles during the opening week in July.
The first edition will be published by each of the five publishers in their own country and in their own language.

One Another – the winning project 2013
In her photo series, Alisa Resnik combines images mainly taken at night in St Petersburg and Berlin. Leaden-coloured scenes, greasy spoon cafés, echoed empty halls, old hotel rooms still holding on to a subtle feeling of the past, and peo- ple’s faces… Hurried glances, small awkward gestures, hands searching for support, grief or harshness in the corner of an eye – they’re all like birds ready to flutter out of their nests in search of sympathy, to break through the glass of loneliness. For Resnik photography is the way to stop a moment and look deeper into ineffable reality, to step over this usually painful dichotomy between the subject and the object: “So you roam over the world looking for the moments you could stop and turn into the act of perception, looking for a revelation, looking for a mirror”.

Now in its 20th year, the European Publishers Award for Photography is a major initiative to encourage the publication of contemporary photography. Open to photographers world- wide, the competition is a unique collaboration between five European Publishers – Actes Sud (France), Blume (Spain), Dewi Lewis Publishing (Great Britain), Kehrer Verlag (Germany) und Peliti Associati (Italy). The competition requires the submission of a substantial, completed and unpublished photographic book project. The winning project is then published in book form simultaneously by each of the publishers in their own country resulting in one of the most extensive cultural colla- borations currently existing in Europe.