Tonight, June 14th 2013, the opening of the photographic exhibition “PERSONAL PROJECTS”, part of the circuit of Copenhagen Photo Festival,  will take place in Øksnehallen.

Mads Nissen will take part to this exhibition, with his long-term project “Amazonas” together with David Høgsholt, Christian Als, Christian Vium, Peter Helles Eriksen, Sofie Amalie Klougart, Miriam Dalsgaard, Jeppe Bøje Nielsen.

Eight leading Danish photographers are exhibiting their take on modern documentary photography, when they relaunch the group-exhibition Personal Projects on June 14th 2013, in Øksnehallen.

The stories cover war, religion, sex, nature and hope – while having one thing in common: the photographers longterm commitments to their individual projects.

You get to travel with Mads Nissen on his intimate and intense journey through the Amazonas, where the stakes are high. The Amazonas is fighting to keep its cultural heritage from eroding, while modernity is rumbling at the gates of what was once unknown territory.

In another jungle, in northern Burma, David Høgsholt shows us the human costs of a civil war, which has long been ignored, while the world has rejoiced at the news of reforms and progress in the former military dictatorship.

Christian Als depicts, without any notion of sentimentality, the daily life and the lack of resources  in the biggest slum on the African continent: Kibera, in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, while Christian Vium follows in the footsteps of young west-african immigrants, who risk everything on their long and dangerous journeys to Europe.

In Denmark, Peter Helles Eriksen has photographed, the  ’average Dane.’ His project ‘Normal’ is  a journey into the statistical labyrinth of Danish everyday life, while Sofie Amalie Klougart has dwelled into the sexual and cultural phenomenon of ‘swinger-clubs.’

Miriam Dalsgaard shows, through the rapid perishableness of flowers, how we as humans also age and perish. For us, it goes unnoticed on a daily basis – but for the flowers it seems to be a matter of days. And Jeppe Bøje Nielsen has gone looking for the human relation to power, death, hope and fear amongst the pilgrims of the French city of Lourdes.

And this is precisely what documentary photography is able to do: it helps you get closer. The inner lives of others are revealed, while the global fabric that binds us together is exposed.

Personal long term project. Amazonas.

Halmtorvet 11
1700 Copenhagen V
D. 15. June – 31. July 2013