Dead Traffic


Once again Christmas is approaching. A time of worry, panic, heartbreak and last minute decisions. However,  at dienacht Publishing they like to stay ahead of the game and we like to treat people.
Therefore they’re presenting you with a very special edition of Kim Thue’s phenomenal book DEAD TRAFFIC, which was released as our debut publication earlier this year.

This edition includes the book alongside an exclusive, signed 21 x 28 cm Giclée Print on Hahnemühle archival paper – A serious treat offered to you at the absolute bargain price of 24.90 €. You can buy it here.

“Despite Sierra Leone being renowned for its brutal civil war, I didn’t have a hidden political agenda, a specific humanitarian issue or even a clear story in mind whilst making the book. I went to Freetown, not as a photojournalist, but as a stranger with a camera and an open heart. What I hope to have created is something the viewer can tune into emotionally. Something that hits a nerve without being coercive in nature, and without staking a monopoly on a specific kind of truth. A collection of images simply suggesting that the inextricable coexistence of beauty and dread is an ever present theme within this vigorous and inclement city.” – Kim Thue

Please note: This special offer is only valid for 2 weeks and ends on the 14th November. The Book + Print will be shipped on the 21st November; mail services might be quite slow this time of the year, so please be patient!