On November 5th Alisa Resnik ‘s “Hoarse” will be projected in Rome among the selected works by thirty of the most successful and award-winning international female photographers.

All the events of Shades of Women will take place at Teatro Due – Vicolo Due Macelli 37.

h. 21.00 – free entrance

This year Shades of Women hosts thirty of the most successful and award-winning international photographers including Sarah Elliott, Simona Ghizzoni, Bénédicte Kurzen, Ilvy Njiokiktjien, Lærke Posselt, Alisa Resnik and Lana Slezic. Worldpress Photo, Visa pour l’Image, Pictures of the Year International, Prix de la Photographie Paris, New York Photo Awards, and many others, the list of awards won overall by the authors, is innumerable.

Thanks to all of them we open to the world our survey, with stories, facts and events that belong to different dimensions of contemporary reality of which they represent at the same time, a sort of paradigm, a common denominator of situations, emotions, drama or even joys, that bring together all the women of the world, overcoming the geographical boundaries and cultures to which they belong.

Like last year, we have five evenings of screenings, each dedicated to a different theme. We will see works that deal with violence and abuse, rights applied for and refused, vicious circles awaiting to be broken, but also about family, love, art and beauty even in the drama. All the works, however, open onto hope.

Photography, therefore, not only as a matter of aesthetics-chronicle, but also, and perhaps above all, as an art capable of investigating the psychology of man in his life here and now, in the fascinating prospect of the values ​​and problems of being.

Shades of Women, the female gaze on the world around us; photography as a privileged tool for this investigation, able to contribute to the growth in the common consciousness of a new and richer concept of photographical action; the theater as a place and a symbol of knowledge even of oneself: this is my idea of ​​photography and this is my proposal.