In the fall of last year and in the spring of this year photographer Mads Nissen and faculty teacher Mads Greve led a masterclass for young Nordic and Russian photographers in Sct. Petersburg and Copenhagen. The masterclass has resulted in the photobook Next To Me which is out now.

The book contains 14 photo essays from Denmark and Russia. The Nordic participants have been shooting stories in the Sct. Petersburg area and the Russian participants have been working in the Copenhagen area.

The 14 photographers were carefully selected by Nissen and Greve. Guided by their curiosity they have been working to show a part of a country that is not their own in order to discover and understand.

The photographers are:

Katinka Hustad (NO)

Sofia Busk (DK)

Svetlana Bulatova (RUS)

Sofie Amalie Klougart (DK)

Christian Belgaux (NO)

Fredrik Lerneryd (SE)

Ksenia Ivanova (RUS)

Evgeny Makarov (RUS)

Kyrre Lien (NO)

Yaroslava Tarasova (RUS)

Mary Gelman (RUS)

Pavel Volkov (RUS)

Lisa Morgenstern (FI)

Tor Birk Trads (DK)

The project was organized by Nordic Journalist Centre and supported by Nordic Council of Ministers.

Following photos by Katinka Hustad, Svetlana Bulatova and Tor Birk Trads.

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