Astri Gisela Yunda Lopez, 7, and Feryi Geraldin Yunda Lopez, 9, pose for a portrait in a marihuana field that belongs to their father. Cultivating marijuana risks bringing armed conflict and drug abuse to the local community but, as their father Jesus Antonio Yunda explains, without the income from these illegal crops he is unable to pay for the girls’ school uniforms and to put food on the table. 

Cannabis - this image - and coca leaves (for cocaine-production) are grown openly and extensively in these mountains only a few hours from the city of Cali. Most of the cannabis is sold under the name “creepy”.

A hillside near Corinto, Cauca: Until a few months earlier the area was controlled by FARC guerrillas who as part of the recently signed peace accord are now restricted to designated camps under the UN supervision. To maintain stability and to prevent any other armed groups – including the Colombian national army – from entering the area, locals have formed an unarmed vigilante group to monitor all movement inside the territory. 

Poverty is widespread in this area, even among farmers who cultivate and produce the illegal crops, and since many - if not most – families rely on this income, they have little choice but to keep growing the illicit crops and to protect them from the frequent official eradication programmes which would wipe out their livelihood.

Also this year Prospekt Photographers will take part to the Festival della Fotografia Etica featuring the exhibitions of two Prospekt Photographers: Mads Nissen and Raffaele Petralla.
Mads will exhibit the project Hope Over Fear – Colombia’s Struggle For Peace about the nation’s twilight between war and peace; Raffaele, who has won last year the Ethical Photography Festival Prize will exhibit his long term project Mari People – A Pagan Beauty about the last pagan population of western world.
All the exhibition will be on display every week end till October 29th.

Mads Nissen will be in Lodi on October 21th-22th for a series of appointments:

Saturday 15.00: Guided tour with the photographer to the exhibition.
Saturday 17.30: Talk “Photography as an instrument of change. Image communication from photojournalism to NGOs” organized by MiBACT.
Saturday 21.00: Talk and screening of the complete project “Hope Over Fear – Colombia’s Struggle For Peace”.
Sunday 10.30: Guided tour with the photographer to the exhibition.

Picture by Mads Nissen/ Politiken/ Prospekt for The Nobel Peace Center