Slum's Inside Mathare


27 August / 7 September 2012.

Photographic Workshop in Mathare Slum, Nairobi with Filippo Romano and Francesco Giusti.

Slum’s Insiders is a photographic workshop oriented to the exploration, experience and visual narration of urban, social and human territory of Mathare slums in Nairobi.
Participants will work individually, side by side with young inhabitants, guides and translators, as well as slum’s active subjects, daily sharing the making up of the visual narration.
We believe in the workshop participating formula, able to reproduce the complexity of the place , first of all by listening and observing those who live in the place itself.
We will analyse the typical stereotypes which are usually used to describe slums in the world, looking, on the contrary, for new points of view and a more authentic understanding.
An intense editing of all images will be shared by the group at the end of each day.
The workshop will be concluded by a public and itinerant projection inside the slum, where each participant will find the opportunity to reach a practical aim and present his work to the community.

A good knowledge of the English language is required.
Each participant will use his own photo/video equipment.

Subscription: 600 euros, included overnight stay, local transport and guide, not included flight and meals (max 14 participants).
Deadline for subscriptions: 30 April 2012.

The workshop’s subscriptions will contribute to a coming web platfom project for young artists and concerned self orginized active groups from Mathare.

For subscription and info please send mail to: