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A 5 day Masterclass in advanced “Storytelling with a Personal Vision“ with the winner of the WORLD PRESS PHOTO 2015, Mads Nissen.

The workshop, organized together with SpazioLabo’ Fotografia, will take place in Bologna from April 21st to 25th 2016.

Personal Vision, this is the theme of our Masterclass. Participants will fully immerse themselves in the process, analyzing with Mads Nissen picture stories, conceptual documentary photography, different journalistic approaches and how the various photographic languages can be used as a tool to convey your personal vision. To Mads Nissen, it always begin with ourselves. If the photographer don’t feel it – if we are not engaged – for sure, neither will the viewers be when they see the pictures. And viceversa; if something is really important to you – it can almost always – and with the right help – become a strong story for others. This is the purpose of this Masterclass. It’s your passion, your vision – but with the right tools and guidance, you will be able to move the undefined ideas to clear stories with impact.

“We strive to make powerful stories that matters. Matters for the people we photograph. Matters for the people who see them.”

The Masterclass is open to italian and international professional photographers, amateurs and students with a good level of photographic aptitude.

Theoretical lessons by Mads Nissen about visual storytelling.
Group work and individual task to turn the theory into useful practise.
Small assignments, tailored to you, in Bologna focused on visual narration of stories. Editing/sequencing sessions – a crucial point in photographic story telling. Group reviews, one to one critiques.

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Nine-year-old Luiz Guillermo Rendón lives in Soacha slum just outside the Colombian capital of Bogota. His family fled their home in Tolima, west of Bogotá, when a local paramilitary group killed his father, and threatened his mother with her life. The murders were never put to justice, even though Leidy claims that she knows who did it. Fear of retaliation keeps the family still today from contacting the authorities, which may or may not be acting as cohort for pay.