Inside/Outside - A Palestinian Diary

We’re proud to announce that Diambra Mariani has joined our agency, Prospekt.

Born in Verona in 1982. She graduated in Law at Statale University of Milan, and in Venice with a master in Photography and digital imaging.

Her photographic research focuses on “the defining moments”, either through individual stories of life, and through collective stories of people who have been faced directly or indirectly some of the main events of the twentieth century.

Her meditation is about the interlacements between history, memory and the function of photographic representation; an open search, which continues with the help of her teacher, the photographer Ivo Saglietti.

She travelled in Central and South America and in East Europe.

In 2010 she won the INAIL Prize and in 2011 she had a Special Mention at Giovanni Tabò Prize – Roma Fotoleggendo. Her work has been shown in Rome, Milan, Trieste, Palermo, Genova, Turin, Florence, Venice and Verona.

She published on D La Repubblica delle Donne, L’Espresso, Gioia, Vanity Fair, Corriere della Sera, Cosmopolitan.

She lives in Verona.

Inside/Outside – A Palestinian diary
Anastasia (and a Different Memory Factory)
Memory Train
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