On Corriere.it the first episode of the documentary GOD BLESSED YOU by Prospekt Photographers.

On a nearly daily basis a boat full of immigrants, rescued at sea, arrives at Augusta’s commercial harbor. The inter-forces team appointed by Public Prosecutor’s Office in Syracuse, looks for witnesses amongst the people landed, in order to incriminate boatmen and smugglers of human beings. While interviews are carried on day and night in the port’s offices, and these depositions are registered in the legal records, the rescue boat Aquarius recovers one more dinghy, 20 miles away from the Libyan coasts.

A project by Prospekt Photographers
Direction: Samuele Pellecchia
Editing: Arianna Cocchi
Cameras: Annalisa Brambilla and Samuele Pellecchia
Audio recording: Federico Chiari and Arianna Cocchi
Music: Federico Chiari
Color: Edoardo Pasero