“this is Mirrionis” exhibition by GEORGE GEORGIOU and VANESSA WINSHIP in CAGLIARI


“this Is Mirrionis”, the exhibition by George Georgiou and Vanessa Winship opens on thursday July 17th in Cagliari at the Galleria Comunale d’Arte; from 19.00. The exhibition will be on display till October 2014.

“this Is Mirrionis” is the story in photographs of Cagliari’s Is Mirrionis and San Michele quarters through the eyes of Vanessa Winship and George Georgiou, commissioned by the Municipal Museums of Cagliari for the city’s candidature as the European Capital of Culture 2019, part of a public art project entitled eureca!, the evoking of the coming together of Europe and Cagliari, a story that saw the direct involvement of the people and their land.

San Michele 1240

From 26 March to 5 May 2014, Vanessa Winship and George Georgiou were the guests of an artists’ residence in Cagliari. The two photographers, companions in their lives and professions, were not acquainted with Sardinia and had never been to Cagliari. They put themselves into play by living first-hand in the streets of the quarters, enduring their silences and enigmas, enjoying the smiles and the doors ajar, the days of wind and rain, the abandoned places and the constant embrace of those who came to know them and decided to make them feel at home. The result of their six weeks “in the field” are these one hundred and twenty shots, selected and curated by the two photographers and the Prospekt Agency.

The story of this visual exploration, as those of the other realities in which the two photographers worked for many years – the Balkans, the republics of the former Soviet Union, in Turkey and the United States – is enhanced by the personal and subjective view of both, but with a common focal point: the relationship between people and the spaces surrounding them in which they conduct their lives and negotiate the perennial fragmentation of the straight line between time and identity.

Cagliari 3c5

Through an ongoing exchange between documentary research and their personal lives, the two artists open a window onto the Is Mirrionis and San Michele quarters, unveiling a place of profound social and environmental interest, a goldmine of human situations and relations, evocative of the city and so many other Mediterranean cities which, as occurs elsewhere, are known in practice only on their insides.

Vanessa Winship and George Georgiou reveal what the everyday life of gestures and spaces conceals. They bring to life what passes beside us without touching us, they take us by the hand and accompany us into our world, hard and soft, with an act of truth, beauty and justice.

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