Indonesia, 2015.

Scott started working on this topic at the end of 2010. He first read a lot of statistics, reports and research about mental illness. At that point, the concept and his involvement in this subject was still vague. He only knew I wanted to see asylums and be confronted by the people in them. He left to West Africa in early 2011 without a clear intention to work on this particular topic but on many other topics such as funeral rites. It was only while working on the field that he understood he had finally found the topic which was both about others and myself; something that brought my contradicting approaches into one. Through this project he could both feel near and far. It gave a working space for his psychology to evolve in. There is no other way for me to reach that state. This project became essential to him.

Scott shot the first chapter of “Butterflies” in West Africa, the second chapter in Kosovo and the third one in Bosnia.

Scott Typaldos is the winner of Il Reportage Photojournalism Award and of one Barcelona International Photography Award his work Butterflies / Chapter 4, part of his long-term project on mental illness.