Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world, with 252 million people. More than half of that population is middle class, according to the World Bank report. About 56.5% of the population is middle class and 0.2% is well considered rich.

In 1997, the country experienced a big financial crisis. The national economy plummeted to its lowest level. In 2012 the Indonesian economy has not just revived but also transformed into one of the major global players. A report stated that Indonesians would earn, on average, USD3,000 per capita by 2020. The current GDP has now grown exponentially to USD3,700 beating the prediction by a decade.

The Indonesian middle class, the highest population of such in the South East Asia region, are changing the face of the country with their consumption trend, new cultures, lifestyle that unimaginable a few years ago. This project follows the middle class of Indonesian in Jakarta lives their lives, spend their money and follow the example lead by the rich, trying to live a first rate life.