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Prospekt is a group of international authors with contrasting visions, whose aim is to narrate meaningful stories that describe our world’s emotive, social and environmental complexity.

Prospekt is a horizontal structure in which the photographers actively participate in the agency’s decision making and future. Its approach promotes close interactions and collaborations, sharing ideas and objectives with the final aim of creating important individual and collective projects.

Prospekt photographers are based in Italy, the United States, Denmark, Japan, Brazil, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, UK, Indonesia and work all over the world.

Prospekt’s images, videos, multimedias and essays are aimed at everyone interested in investigating a range of visions on existence.

Prospekt constantly collaborates with different entities, from magazines and newspapers to book publishers, from media companies to public organizations and corporate clients.

Prospekt members believe in the power and value of storytelling and are regularly involved in educational programs that include workshops, mentorships, portfolio reviews and collaborations with private and public schools.

Prospekt’s current activities include long term projects and photo essays, movies and books, private and public exhibitions, multimedia projects, and editorial assignments.

Prospekt authors have received major International acknowledgements, both in photography and in video-making, from the World Press Photo and the Eugene Smith Award to the Guggenheim Fellowship, the Robert Capa Gold Medal and the Getty Grant, from the Sundance Festival to the Idfa Festival in Amsterdam. The works represented have been published in the most renowned international magazines and featured in festivals, museum and galleries worldwide.

Our objective is to curate and promote projects that have a documentary and humanistic vision, either when dealing with news, society, environment, politics, culture or when expressing a more personal and intimate narrative of the human condition.

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