Ignite is a space where Prospekt photographers share thoughts, notes, unfinished or discarded projects and discussions on various themes. It is a glimpse into the photographers’ processes beyond the final projects.

Category: Thoughts

On captioning

Prospect Park, Brooklyn, November 7th, 2020. The day when the 2020 US presidential election was called.  In almost 20 years of being a photographer, I’ve

Still lifes for docile eyes

Sometimes I feel like many photographers, including me, have perhaps stopped looking for what, for better or for worse, is extraordinary and unrepeatable in our

An invisible bullet hole

It happens sometimes that you take a photograph because something has caught your attention and then, when you see the picture you’ve taken, you discover


Woman on Street, St. Petersburg, 2008. While constructing a book’s narrative, the reasons to include or reject certain pictures are more often intuitive than logical.


The process of discovery, the process of unveiling someone’s fortunes or misfortunes of tarots’ reading is not far from my idea of photography but there

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