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“Lost And Found” by Francesco Giusti exhibition at Galleria San Fedele in Milan

September 3, 2016

On Thursday September 29th 2016 do not miss the opening of the exhibition “Lost and Found” by Francesco Giusti at the Spazio Aperto San Fedele in Milan.

How to tell the contemporary drama of the exodus of thousands and thousands of immigrants?
Francesco’s evocative images, unconventional, intense and delicate at the same time, shows us how it is possible today, and increasingly need to create photographic research that extends out of the limited logic of the event to be documented. Images that inspired you to ask, “Who are these humans?”, And not just “how many are coming with us?”.

The exhibition, curated by Gigliola Foschi, is realized with the collaboration of the agency Prospekt photographers and the contribution of the Festival di Fotografia Etica.

Until October 29, 2016 – Tuesday to Saturday 16.00 / 19:00

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