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The Passenger – International Edition

August 21, 2020

After ten issues published in Italian, The Passenger is finally available also in english. The first two volumes of the series, dedicated to Greece and Japan, are available internationally. In collaboration with Prospekt, each issue features original, commissioned photographs by an international photographer sent to the country to document the most significant stories. The photographs in the Greek issue were taken by documentary photographer Pietro Masturzo; the ones in the Japan issue were taken by Laura Liverani.

«The Passenger – For explorers of the world» is a book-magazine that brings together long reads, investigative journalism, literary reportage and narrative essays, with the aim of telling the story of the life of a country and its inhabitants, understanding its shifting culture, the development of its identity, the debates, the issues, the problems, and the wounds. Fragments that together build a wide-ranging picture. A series of features complements the texts: significant and surprising infographics; original illustrations; recommendations from a famous author of a book, a film, an album; a section of «false myths» debunked; and others.

The Passenger is a project originally created by the Italian publishing house Iperborea Casa Editrice, now internationally available in its English edition thanks to the collaboration with Europa Editions / Europa Editions UK. 

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