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ASX + Void Laboratory Masterclasses with George Georgiou & Vanessa Winship

Void welcomes eminent artists Vanessa Winship and George Georgiou at their space in Athens this November for a workshop about photographic process. The artists will work in tandem with a small number of participants and will discuss their projects from their inception to their continued dedication. Participants are asked to bring work with them for a personal one to one session but the central premise is that all participants will create new work during the lab.

Vanessa and George will work with the participants to examine their day-to-day progress. They will encourage the participants to consider the local environment, engaging as fully and clearly as possible in order to bring back their best notes. The aim is not to make a finished product per se, nor is it to create the perfect pictures, rather to engage with the act of making visual notes and to begin to understand how this material can be used either simply as notes or to be drawn together through a process of editing and sequencing towards making a larger body of work.

ASX will be conducting interviews on site and will feature a body of work at the end of the laboratory by one student chosen by Void and ASX teams. Void will also be aiding in the production of a collective zine with the work produced during the workshop, for the participants to take away at the end of the workshop. The participants will be asked to be involved in the publishing process.

For the last night of the workshop, as Void usually do, they expect to have a public projection and presentation of the work. A public recorded conversation between Vanessa & George and Brad Feuerhelm will also happen. For obvious reasons, the public presentation is still to be confirmed, following the Greek regulations for public gathering at the time being.

Theme:  Practical beginnings, continued motivations, process

Organizer:   Void, ASX

Starting date:   November 2, 2020

Ending date:    November 7, 2020

Location:    Athens

maximun participants:    20

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