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Photojournalism Workshop with André Liohn in Sao Paulo

During these 5 days, André Liohn will encourage workshop participants to explore, in an intuitive and free way, the daily life of São Paulo with the challenge of a deep and intimate immersion in the search for a photographic language that can express personality and opinion.
The program has as objective, the free reflection of preconceptions in the search for the goal of what one wants to achieve, contrasting this objective with the insecurities, the tiredness of the field work and the fear of making mistakes, common among photographers and artists.
The basic axis of the meeting is focused on the importance of developing a unique and personal language, reflecting photography, questioning orthodox concepts of the act of photographing and challenging oneself.

In the words of André Liohn, “whatever the context of the agenda, personal experiences create real life stories and influence the outcome of the work, and this will always be the subject of discussion."

During the workshop, each participating photographer will receive a theme that will be discussed, developed and carried out. In advance of the practical part, daily meetings are held to exchange information, ideas and share plans for the development of each project.
On the fifth and final day, a final selection of all works will be edited. This photo edition will be presented in a public projection closing the course.

Theme:  Photojournalism, personal language, reportage, editing

Organizer:   André Liohn

Starting date:   January 22, 2018

Ending date:    January 26, 2018

Location:    Sao Paulo

maximun participants:    20

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