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Prospekt Collaborates with Spaziotempo School in Bari

Spaziotempo is a school recognized by the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities - MiBact, and is an educational and training space designed for those who want to approach, update and specialize in the use of photography and cinematography as forms of expression and communication. It is a space for criticism, research and discussion, which promotes and disseminates the language of the visual arts as privileged ways of narration. It is a place in which to bring knowledge together, in which to create opportunities for meeting authors and professionals, in which to increase job opportunities through the exchange of contacts and projects.Always attentive to what happens around and changes in the world of work and in the way of communicating, the training offer of the Spaziotempo school is divided into the three-year School in photography and visual communication, in short courses in cinematography and photography, in intensive workshops of laboratory and practical cutting and in corporate training. The Spaziotempo school also takes care of training public school teachers in audiovisual and photography subjects to allow them to update their curriculum.
The three-year course in photography and visual communication has been created to train and educate professionals in communication with images, through multidisciplinary and transversal paths in which the theoretical and related subjects to language and the construction of critical thinking are mixed with the practical laboratories necessary for acquisition of working methods and technical skills. The teaching is entrusted to professionals and authors who base the teaching method on stimuli, on research ideas, on field work and on the active participation of students, often involved in simulations of assignments by press agencies, advertising, of the photo-journalists who teach them. The ultimate goal is to open students to contamination between different languages, to transversality, to research and experimentation, but also to teach them methodologies and work practices, to propose themselves and to present their projects.
Prospekt regularly collaborates with Spaziotempo school through reportage courses where Raffaele Petralla is a regular professor and Francesco Merlini is a visiting professor. Prospekt also takes part in the exam sessions and organizes regular meetings with its authors.

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