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Una Cercania Más Profunda – Photography and Poetry Workshop with Diambra Mariani

Together with Diambra Mariani, the participants will enter the world of the photographic genre of the self-portrait through poetry and literature. The aim of the workshop is to develop a personal language, working on our "being present in the world" using different tools of self-representation, thanks to the inspiration provided by the authors we will refer to (photographers, painters, writers, directors and poets).
Photographers will build a personal proposal starting from the stimuli of the dynamic of sharing. The goal will be to meet, look at, tell and describe us in a circle, carrying out photographic and writing exercises that will be shared at the end of each day.

Theme:  Self-portrait, photography, poetry

Organizer:   Prospekt

Starting date:   July 25, 2019

Ending date:    July 28, 2019

Location:    Valpolicella, Italy

maximun participants:    10

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