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Summer Workshop: Self-portrait. Photography and poetry

July, 1st to 5th: Italian
September, 1st to 5th: Spanish

Five days of introspective and creative retreat in a countryside villa in Valpolicella, Italy.

The aim will be to learn to express our experiences as human beings using various means of expression and self-representation.

We will build a personal language starting from cultural stimuli that will be proposed (reading, analysis of photographic projects, video projections) and from the group dynamics that will develop in a welcoming, respectful and protected context.

In the morning, just before breakfast, we will have automatic writing exercises.
During the day we will suggest activities and exercises related to self-portrait practice and autobiographical writing.

The aperitif will be the moment when the body of work produced during the day will be shared with other participants.

After dinner we will have a night projection, presenting artistic projects by visual artists, cine directors, performers.

The workshop is aimed at amateur and semi-professional photographers.
Participants can use digital cameras, Polaroid cameras or mobile phones.

Info and booking:

Theme:  Self-portrait, autobiographical writing, creative process, inspiration

Organizer:   Espacio Ventalo

Starting date:   July 1, 2021

Ending date:    July 5, 2021

Location:    Valpolicella, Verona, Italy

maximun participants:    8

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