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“Urban Geographies. Storytelling” – Workshop with George Georgiou in Milano

“How different people use the city every day, how new levels of architecture, signage and street furniture add something to what was already there. Like different social, economic and ethnic groups of the case, they appropriate, shape and adapt to the city".
George Georgiou on the "Last Stop" project

This workshop is intended to be an opportunity for an intense photographic experience in the Milan area during Expo 2015 led by George Georgiou, British photographer, author of the book Last Stop and numerous projects that investigate the interaction between individuals and space.
“Urban geographies / Storytelling” will deepen the concept of exploration of a territory, considered in its complexity, improving one's own conceptual and photographic processing skills of the narrative.
During the four days of the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to develop a project on the territory of Milan Expo, with individual assignments in different districts of the city, identified after a careful group discussion of the individual portfolios and adapted to the different conceptual and photographic approaches of each participant.
The small number of participants and the location of the workshop offer an intimate and stimulating environment in which to deepen the different conceptual approaches to a story and focus on the tools necessary to undertake or continue one's own body of narrative work.

Theme:  Storytelling, documentary photography, urban landscape

Organizer:   Linke

Starting date:   May 30, 2015

Ending date:    June 2, 2015

Location:    Milano

maximun participants:    12

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