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Workshop with George Georgiou and Vanessa Winship in New York

This workshop will see both of George Georgiou and Vanessa Winship presenting their approach to documentary projects and their working methods to the group of participants.

George and Vanessa will focus on documentary as a way of story telling. They will address the issues of documentary photography in a broader context, with a focus on sequencing – putting together groups of photographs to create a coherent body of work ready for presentation.
Together with the tutors, the participants will look at the content of their personal projects, analyzing the treatment of the subject matter as well as the editing and sequencing of the images. George and Vanessa will direct the group through programs of shooting, reviews, group critiques, mentoring and editing sessions providing the opportunity to learn and improve one’s photographic skills of storytelling.
The best possible presentation for each work will also be discussed, be it in the form of a classic photo essay, an exhibition, a book, a magazine, or multimedia solution. When analyzing the content and structure of photographic projects, references will be made to the work of other contemporary photographers. Using text with the imagery will also be touched upon.

The tutors will also take a deeper look on the long-term project in photographic documentary. They will focus on developing critical creative facility as well as understanding of professional production requirements among the participants.

Theme:  Documentary projects, storytelling, editing, sequencing

Organizer:   SpazioLabò

Starting date:   June 19, 2016

Ending date:    June 25, 2016

Location:    New York

maximun participants:    10

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