A zentai is a spandex suit that covers the whole body, from head to toe, including the face. The word zentai is short for zenshen taitsu, meaning ‘full-body tights’).

There is a growing subculture of Zentai wearers in Japan, especially in the Tokyo area.

People wear Zentai for different reasons and at various occasions. Some prefer to wear it privately, at home, alone or with their partners. Others gather at special events in clubs or organized walks around the city (for example those held by Tokyo Zentai Club).

It may be difficult to see through the Zentai fabric, but it is possible to breath and even drink. Feeling protected, anonymous, isolated from the rest of the world, and at the same time experiencing enhanced perception and other pleasant sensations, are some of the reported effects of tight spandex on skin. These effects are also some of the motives why people wear Zentai.