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Devin Yalkin

Devin Yalkin (b. 1981), a native and resident of New York City, is a black-and-white photographer who received his BFA in Photography at the School of Visual Arts (2010). His work has been exhibited domestically and internationally. Most recently, Yalkin’s work was seen in Bodrum, Turkey at Evin Sanat Gallery (2019), Berlin, Germany at Ehemalige Tabakfabrik Heidelberger Platz in the exhibition “Passengers of a Kaleidoscopic Journey,” (2018), Greenport, NY at VSOP Projects (2017) as well as Amsterdam, Netherlands at the Unseen Photo Fair with Stieglitz 19 Gallery (2016) to name a few. Devin’s work is part of the permanent collection with Istanbul MoMA after the group exhibition “Close Quarters,” which debuted in 2013. In addition to his exhibition history Yalkin has received prestigious awards for his work including two-time recipient of the New York Times Portfolio Review (2017, 2014) and the Eddie Adams Workshop Grant and Residency in Jeffersonville, NY (2011). Devin Yalkin has published work in the New York Times Magazine, Time, New Yorker, Vanity Fair, Vice and Rolling Stone. In September of 2016, Yalkin’s first monograph, “I’ll See You Tomorrow, Until I Can’t,” was released through Sun Editions. Yalkin’s photography has made front cover of the NYTimes magazine multiple times and he was chosen as the exclusive photographer for the music issue of New York Times Magazine in 2019.
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