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“Amazonas” exhibition by Mads Nissen ad GAF Galerie in Hannover

July 19, 2017

On July 19th 2017 opens in Hannover, at GAF Galerie, the exhibition “Amazonas” by Mads Nissen. The show will be on display till August 20th.

In his raw and poetic photo essay, documentary photographer Mads Nissen, takes his viewers deep into the mysterious and alluring Amazon rainforest in South America; where questions surrounding modernity, antiquity, human instincts, desire and culture lurk amongst the wild green foliage.

Deep in the world’s biggest rainforest, we wander together with a family of Chimane-nomads, who rest- lessly walk on the precipice of civilization.We stay in illegal settlements, where greedy gold-miners risk their lives for bundles of cash that they will spend on women and cheap alcohol.

In the heart of the Amazon, unreachable by any road, we find a gay community in exile; a floating city on the vast river; a newly crashed airplane; and Waorani, Huitoto and Yanomami tribes caught between their ancient traditions and the rapidly encroaching outside world.

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