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“Americans Parade” exhibition by George Georgiou at QPN festival 2020 in Nantes

October 15, 2020

On October 16th opens in Nantes the 2020 edition of QPN festival in Nantes. The exhibitions will be on display till November 15th.

Part of the program, George Georgiou takes part to the venue with an exhibition of his project Americans Parade.

As Donald Trump was recently elected President of the United States in 2016, the country has never seemed so divided. George Georgiou, who has already visited the United States several times, decides that same year to meet the Americans by following their parades, 26 in all, who have taken him to 24 cities across 14 states.
From the largest gatherings of crowds in New York or Laredo in Texas, to more modest family reunions crossed in Baton Rouge in Louisiana, the photographer walked on these roads, in front of the public, taking demographic samples in this theater through his tight frames. from the street.
Between identity and otherness, a series of modern paintings that tell the complexity and diversity of contemporary America!

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