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“Balance” exhibition by Francesco Merlini at Marsell Paradise in Milan

February 20, 2020

On February 21st opens in Milan at Marsell Paradise the solo show  by Francesco Merlini, “Balance”. The exhibition that features also an interactive installation, will be on display until March 21st.

I took this series of pictures last summer at Grand Marché in Lomé. A commercial and social center of Togo capital city, this chaotic and frenetic market twists and turns in the narrow alleys that connect the suburbs of the city to the shores of the Guinea Gulf.
A modern Babylon, violent in its frenzy, where men, women and kids barge into the crowd to sell and buy any kind of goods; colorful plastic containers and objects dazzle under the light, while they advance lifeless, balancing on the women’s head crossing the market. Frozen by the camera, these combinations of human and man-made become abstract shapes that, transcending the anthropological interpretation of this place, turn into archetypes of fascination and matter.


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