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“Une Belle Vie Une Belle Mort” exhibition by Riccardo Bononi in Ascoli Piceno

September 1, 2018

On August 3rd 2018 opens in Ascoli Piceno the exhibition Une Belle Vie Une Belle Mort by Riccardo Bononi about his long term project accomplished in Madagascar over the past years.

The most outstanding cultural feature all across Madagascar is the unique relationship that connect malagasy people to the death: they consider it as a simple step of the human development, conceptually not different from the transit between the childhood and the adult life. Being dead doesn’t mean to have come to an end. Dead bodies, as well as newborns, can’t talk, can’t walk nor eat by themselves, but that doesn’t mean that corpses can’t feel regular needs: they can still get bored, hungry, happy or lonely.

The opening/talk will take place at the Museo Archeologico in Piazza Arringo. The exhibition will be on display till September 2th 2018.

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