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Riccardo Bononi exhibition at the Festival of Fotografia Etica 2018 in Lodi

October 26, 2018

On October 6th opens at Palazzo Barni in Lodi the exhibition “Perle, Young Exorcist” by Riccardo Bononi, winner of the Premio Fotografia Etica at the past edition of Premio Voglino. The show is part of the Festival della Fotografia Etica and will be on display till October 28th.

Perle is a 24 years old girl living in a big, pink house in the southern coast of Madagascar. As well as her “peers”, she likes pop music, trendy dresses and colorful nail polish. Perle is also an Exorcist, having committed her life to drive the devil away from the bodies of the possessed ones. These are the possesed ones, the cursed, the mentally ills. Living with heavy chains on their ankles and wrists, they get as only treatment an exorcism session twice a day. Among them is Fafah, a 23 years old girl who used to study at the university and attended the same school as Perle. After her father died by poison, Fafah was reported by her stepmother as being possessed by the devil, with the clear intent of taking possession of her iheritance. Since the past year Fafah lived inside an iron cage, without seeing the sunlight with chains welded on her ankles.

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