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Exhibition by Samuele Pellecchia and Francesco Merlini at Quasi Fotografo Gallery in Verona

January 5, 2018

On friday January 26th two exhibitions by  Samuele Pellecchia and Francesco Merlini open at Quasi Fotografo Gallery in Verona, Italy. Vernissages start at 19.00 and the exhibitions will be on display till February 18th.

Galleria Quasi Fotografo QF1
Via Carducci 29

I was born without God. None taught me to have Faith. I’d loved to keep Ideology by my side, but after a while I acknowledged to be dull or ignorant, or at least unable to reinvent it all the time, while all the others joined the crowd of Property faithful followers. In an advanced decay stage, I understood I was just a devotee of Perceptions and Impressions, and I bet on personal things, relationships, groups. But there was nothing to do. Even these last solo gambles started to melt, and friends who were part of the game started to die.

At this point, now, it is a mess. The absurd is present. And so, should I got Camus’s words right, I have to bet on his idea: we should imagine a happy Sisifo. Happy when he is running down the hill, happy when he is taking the stone up the hill, happy when the stone starts to slip down the hill, in a continual circle.
But, to be honest, a lot of love is needed to live the absurd time, looking for happiness in this Extravangant Creature Swallowing Dreams.

FARANG by Francesco Merlini
Galleria Quasi Fotografo QF3
Via Carducci 14

In the time span of three years I’ve taken pictures  in Italy, France, Turkey, Thailand and Kosovo.
I took pictures of unfamiliar places, pictures of strangers.
The flash of the camera has consecrated my epiphanies, impressing the shroud that lies on the subjects whose truth I’ve discarded.
These images are relics of the invisible.
Every picture has an undeniable subject, no space left to distraction.
Every picture becomes a tarot card, a singular representation of a collective perception

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