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“Murat, Le Géographe” by Samuele Pellecchia selected for The Primed – Le Festival De La Méditerranée En Images 2016

July 4, 2016

“Murat, Le Géographe” the doc-fiction by Samuele Pellecchia produced by Prospekt Photographers and Università degli Studi di Cagliari has been selected for the Primed – Le Festival De La Méditerranée En Images 2016 that will take place in Marseille on November 2016.

What is a city and how it changes? An Italian geographer arrived in Marseille to search on one of the largest urban regeneration plan of the last decades in Europe: the Euro-Mediterranean project. He will live in the Belle de Mai district, an ancient working and residential area, located on the margins of the project and not directly invested by the large current transformation. The encounter with this area and its people, with ordinary and everyday practices of living, put in crisis his researcher’s certainties, his idea of city and geography. Looking at Marseille from there, from this small territory, that seems a “urban reserve”, its conceptual categories and interpretative models become ineffective and unnecessary.
So, the presumption to define a coherent and unitary framework of the city seems arrogant and opposite to the multiplicity of blanks constantly evolving, in almost all places. This multiplicity deserves to be traveled and explored. Because urban space is nothing but the result of the flow of relations between desires, dreams, discourses, practices and limits, of the observer.


Italy 2014/2015
Full HD/16:9/Color
lenght: 70 minutes
VO: Fr/It Sub: Eng
Director: Samuele Pellecchia
Production: Prospekt
Screenplay: Francesca Governa (Turin Polytechnic), Maurizio Memoli (Cagliari University), Claudio Jampaglia, Bruno Chiaravalloti, Arianna Cocchi, Edoardo Pasero and Samuele Pellecchia (Prospekt), with the collaboration of Raffaele Cattedra (Cagliari University) and Elisabetta Rosa (Aix-Marseille University).

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