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“Oest || Est” exhibition by Diambra Mariani, Francesco Mion and Jose Navarrete at Projekteria Art Gallery in Barcelona

October 16, 2017

Next Friday, October 20, will take place in Projekteria [Art Gallery] the opening of “West || East” with works by Diambra Mariani & Francesco Mion and Jose Navarrete. The exhibition is part of the DOCfield festival, the documentary photography festival in Barcelona, ​​which this year has the journey as main theme.
Two routes equidistant from the Iberian center, two vertical paths, two parallel journeys across two real arbitrarily conceived lines that agglutinate a particular imaginary that confers them and their areas of influence, a particular own character beyond their physical boundaries as border or road. A glimpse to the particularities that subtly define these territories. If the road is a way, if the border is a division, these two projects deepen in a calm and reflective way into the places that go unnoticed around them, in the vicinity of two symbolic axes traced by History.

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