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Diambra Mariani won the Tokyo International Photo Competition

April 5, 2019

Diambra Mariani is one of the winners of Tokyo International Photo Competition with her new project Don’t think of an Elephant. The winners will be exhibited in Tokyo, New York and Ireland.
The project investigates the theme of fear in Italy, the idea of private justice and the consequent weapons purchase.
“Frames are mental structures that shape the way we see the world.
As a result, they shape the goals we seek, the plans we make, the way we act, and what counts as a good or bad outcome of our actions.
In politics our frames shape our social policies and the institutions we form to carry out policies.
To change our frames is to change all of this. Reframing is social change.”
From the preface of the book “Don’t think of an elephant” by George Lakoff, 2004. 

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