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Mads Greve

Mads Greve’s work comes from a photographic tradition that uses fragments of reality as background for a narrative of moods and expressions. The photos, that at the time of recording are not related, are connected in meaning and in mood and the work most often describes a state of mind.

Mads was born in Denmark in 1967 and graduated as a photojournalist in 1994. Since then he has turned towards a subjective documentary approach.

Since 2003 Mads has been an associate professor at the Danish School of Media and Journalism where he is teaching documentary photography and photojournalism.

He has published three photographic books, Homesick (Book Lab 2021), Blind Date (Ajour 2012/Postcart 2012) and Man kan ikke engang græde (Ajour 2008).
He regularly gives lectures and artist talks, has exhibited several places in Europe and taken part in juries at photographic contests in the Nordic countries.

Mads Greve lives in Aarhus, Denmark, and has been a member of Prospekt since 2005.
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