Blind Date

When you lose footing you can resign. Sit down and stare into space.
Or you can search for something new. I searched.
Didn't know what I was searching for. Not where or how.

Life becomes a blind date. You don't know what you'll run into. Only that you'll run into something. That you'll run into someone.

"Blind Date" is a collection of such moments.
I had a camera with me all the time. My photographic notes became a document.
About a time in my life where the past had suddenly ceased to exist and the future was hard to see.

Publisher:  Ajour (Denmark), Postcart (Italy)

Editor:   Teddy Petersen

Author of text:   Mads Greve

Pages:   96

Cover:  Hardcover

Binding:  Embossed

Paper type: /

Number of printed copies:   500 / 500

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