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A collective narrative about how the Italian city of Como and its railway station, on the border between Italy and Switzerland, became a refugee camp.

Several hundreds of migrants seeking to reach northern Europe are stuck now in the city of Como in Northern Italy. In late July, Switzerland closed the border with Italy. Migrants were hauled off trains, trucks and cars. They were tracked by infrared drones sweeping the woods that straddle the border. In July and August alone, more than 7,000 people were picked up and sent back to Italy. Most came from Ethiopia, Sudan and Eritrea, some from Syria and Iraq. A large number of migrants have slept for months on towels and blankets in the park near Como's train station. To give up the situation, Red Cross has opened a temporary container camp but just few of them had the possibility to enter it. A large number of migrants are sleeping now in the streets of the neighborhoods surrounding the city centre. There are some 300 now, most of them unaccompanied minors. Relegated to the outskirts of town, they have become invisible once again.

Publisher:  Delicious Editions

Editor:   Philip Di Salvo - Art Direction by Giovanni Egeo Marchi

Author of text:   Luigi Mastrodonato, Andrea Quadroni, Alessandro Ronchi, Marco Bernardi, Stefania Guerra

Pages:   88

Cover:  Softcover

Binding:  Embossed

Paper type: Magno Volume 150g

Number of printed copies:   600

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