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this is Mirrionis

“this Is Mirrionis” is the story in photographs of Cagliari’s Is Mirrionis and San Michele quarters through the eyes of Vanessa Winship and George Georgiou, commissioned by the Municipal Museums of Cagliari for the city’s candidature as the European Capital of Culture 2019, part of a public art project entitled eureca!, the evoking of the coming together of Europe and Cagliari, a story that saw the direct involvement of the people and their land.
From 26 March to 5 May 2014, Vanessa Winship and George Georgiou were the guests of an artists’ residence in Cagliari.
 The two photographers, companions in their lives and professions, were not acquainted with Sardinia and had never been to Cagliari. They put themselves into play by living first-hand in the streets of the quarters, enduring their silences and enigmas, enjoying the smiles and the doors ajar, the days of wind and rain,the abandoned places and the constant embrace of those who came to know them
and decided to make them feel at home. The result of their six weeks “in the field” are these one hundred and twenty shots, selected and curated by the two photographers and the Prospekt Agency.

Publisher:  Musei Civici di Cagliari, Prospekt

Editor:   George Georgiou, Vanessa Winship, Francesco Merlini

Author of text:   Anna Maria Montaldo, Enrica Puggioni, Maurizio Memoli, Prospekt

Pages:   66

Cover:  Soft cover

Binding:  Glued perfect binding

Paper type: Uncoated

Number of printed copies:   790

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