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From silhouettes and lights that sneak inside the image, Rony’s journey of ENCOUNTERS begun. His love towards imaginative content, cinematography, philosophy and literature has convinced him that photography is the best medium to express his feelings.

Although we might encounter some odd looking poetic images, Rony’s photos surely stand out amongst so many conventional images already attached in the back of our head: screaming monkey on the cover of the book/ a light pierced the dark night/ a cat and luminous light on a silent field/ odd architecture
from a bus window/ a face in between sharp thorns of a cactus/ shopping trolley and the joy of youth/ tarzan-style fashion in the jungle of light/ fangs and long howl.
Just like etymology traces the origin of words in linguistics, tracing a photographer’s visual inspirations should also start from the deep of his soul. And from someone as calm and quiet as Rony, ENCOUNTERS is a roar.

Publisher:  Self published

Editor:   Oscar Motuloh

Author of text:   Oscar Motuloh

Pages:   96

Cover:  Hardcover

Binding:  Side-sewn

Paper type: Art-Paper

Number of printed copies:   500 (sold out)

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