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Une Belle Vie, Une Belle Mort

Could you imagine a world where the very idea of the death doesn’t exist? Where people are not scared of the dead and the obsessive taboo related to human caducity doesn’t affect anybody?
 The British anthropologist Geoffrey Gorer came to conclusion that death has become “pornographic” to us westerners, an obscene content from which children must be kept safe. The fear of the death has been seen as an universal feature across both time and space: “Men fear death”, and that has always been considered a fact.
But this is not the case of Madagascar, where the worship of the ancestors is the national cult.
As an award winning photographer, Riccardo Bononi uses the visual languages to tell a story about a world opposite to ours, where the living and the dead share discussions, experiences and domestic spaces, children play sorrounded by the corpses and death is not antithetical to life.
As an anthropologist, for ten years he has been living close to Malagasy people, in their houses and in their tombs, merging with their customs, languages and peculiar traditions. He tried to share everyday life with them, as well as their everyday death.

Publisher:  Irfoss A.p.s

Editor:   Riccardo Bononi - Graphic Design by Andrea Cavinato, Marco Lumini

Author of text:   Prof. Ines Testoni – Director of Master Death Studies & End of Life University of Padova

Pages:   120

Cover:  Hardcover

Binding:  Embossed

Paper type: Magno Silk Plus

Number of printed copies:   500

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