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Masterclass: The High North – Photo Essays on Arctic Realities with Mads Greve and Mads Nissen

A great opportunity for the brightest young talents for a unique, free-of-charge, workshop on life in the high north – The Barents region covering Russia, Norway, Sweden and Finland. If you have the curiosity and talent – you will be supported with logistics and mentoring by World Press Photo winner Mads Nissen and teacher at the Danish School of Media and Journalism (DMJX) Mads Greve.

Most people in the Barents region live in so called monocities build around a single industry such as mining. Many inhabitants still rely on these mines, factories and jobs derived from the industry. Pollution has a negative impact on both people and nature, but the whole region is deeply dependent on the production. Cities like Nikel, Apatity, Murmansk, Kirkenes and Kiruna were founded because of the minerals. But what happens when the mine closes? What future does the region hold for the young generation?
Another challenge is the climate crisis.
Climate changes are having dramatic effect in the Barents region, where indigenous people, the young generation and large industry all have to adopt rapidly to the changing environment.

The High North Masterclass aims to build knowledge, respect and personal relations across the borders at a time with growing political and cultural tensions. The masterclass is addressed to the photographers from both North West Russia and the Nordic countries to apply for this unique opportunity to get together and learn from one another as well as our experienced masters. All in the middle of a fascinating region largely unknown to most Europeans. The aim is to produce a photo book with the work.

The base will be in Murmansk where World Press Photo-winner Mads Nissen and Mads Greve, teacher at the Danish School of Media and Journalism, will help you become a stronger visual storyteller using your distinct photographic voice. Furthermore Anna Kireeva, journalist and chair of Barents Press Russia, will help and coach you in relation to your own choice of story and the local realities and opportunities. Taking advantage of the group’s unique photographic approaches, knowledge and network they will support each other in making the strongest stories from the region.
The Masterclass will cover flights to and from Murmansk, food and accommodation during Phase Two and Phase Four and a contribution will be given to each participant to help cover expenses while in the field. All teaching and teaching material are also included.
The masterclass is conducted by Nordic Journalist Centre and Danish School of Media and Journalism with the support by The Nordic Council of Ministers. It is a continuation of the previous photographic workshops held in St. Peterburg, Kaliningrad, Copenhagen and Reykjavik.
Participants must be photojournalists or documentary photographers from North West Russia or from one of the Nordic countries – Iceland, Faroe Islands, Greenland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Aaland.

Organizer:   Nordisk Journalistcenter

Starting date:   September 1, 2021

Ending date:    October 7, 2021

Location:    Murmansk

maximun participants:    14

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