“Meeting Strangers” – Workshop with Giulia Nausicaa Bianchi in Brescia

How to interact with those we do not know but want to photograph? And how to tell their stories, represent their identities and become intimate with them? This workshop lays the practical and theoretical foundations of what it means to take a great portrait, completely revolutionizing the basic techniques and pushing the participants to get involved and overcome the limits and reticence in meeting with a stranger.

The goal is the acquisition by the participants of an intellectual background on the potential of the photographic portrait of strangers.

Particular emphasis will be placed on two aspects:
- Action: overcoming personal reticence and limits that students think they have and the photographer's interaction with the difficult subjects he wants to portray;
- The image: we will explain the grammar of the portrait, we will reflect on the representation of the other, on the meaning of the images we create and the models we are inspired by

Participants will be encouraged to approach strangers in different ways, following the example of great photographers, and to create works of increasing depth and intimacy.

Theme:  Portrait Photography, intimacy, storytelling, documentary photography

Organizer:   NESSUNO[press]

Starting date:   November 23, 2019

Ending date:    November 24, 2019

Location:    Brescia

maximun participants:    14

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