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Nausicaa Giulia Bianchi

Nausicaa Giulia Bianchi is a documentary photographer interested in portraiture, visual narrative and book making. Her work has been published in over 60 magazines, and has been internationally exhibited.

In 2010 she attended the PJ program of The International Center Of Photography in New York City. Giulia assisted photographers such Mary Ellen Mark and Suzanne Opton, and later began teaching and freelancing in NYC.
She employed a long-format documentary practice with an immense project about Women Catholic Priests who have been ex-communicated by the Vatican.
She also embarked on complex projects involving many types of image-making procedures and poetry, investigating memory, spirituality and feminism. Among others: in 2015 she lived one year in Israel and Palestine to work on her “A lesser geography of the Holy Land”, and in 2017 she journeyed through the Alps in Trentino (Italy) to document the rests of World War 1 in “Theatre of War”.

Today she lives in Milano Italy teaching photography in schools and working on her own mentorship program for authors.
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