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“Next To Me” – Masterclass with Mads Greve and Mads Nissen

Russia and The Nordic countries are neighbours, but how well do we really know each other?
Next To Me aims to build relations and curiosity across the borders at a time when things seems more difficult than in decades.
The selection of highly talented young photojournalists from North West Russia and the Nordic countries will be invited to join forces and through guidance produce outstanding photo essays from each others countries.
If selected, you will be invited for workshops in Copenhagen and St. Petersburg where World Press Photo-winner Mads Nissen and Mads Greve, teacher at the Danish School of Media and Journalism, will help you become a stronger visual storyteller using your distinct photographic voice. Using the groups unique knowledge and network in our different cultures we will support each other in producing photo essays from our different countries.
The Masterclass is free of charge and expenses will be covered. The final work will published as a photo book under the theme "Next To Me".

Programme – Next To Me

Part One

St. Petersburg, October 3.-7. 2016 for the Russian participants and 5.-7. October 2016 for the Nordic participants.

We will kick-start the Masterclass in St. Petersburg. Over the course of several days, we will analyze picture stories, conceptual documentary photography, different journalistic approaches and look into how various photographic languages can be used as a tool to convey your personal vision. In group-sessions we will develop story ideas so everyone feels inspired and equipped to go out and explore each others countries with the cameras.

Part Two

Field work:
After the start up workshop it’s time to start working on your story. The Nordic participants will work in St. Petersburg directly after the first workshop. The Russian participants will work in the Copenhagen-region prior to the workshop in Copenhagen in April 2017. The Masterclass will include a budget that covers at least one week of field work for each participant.

Mads Nissen and Mads Greve will be available for coaching and support between the workshops.

Copenhagen, April 2017: All participants meet again, this time at the Danish School of Media and Journalism in Copenhagen, Denmark, where we engage each other in our different stories, and learn about the importance and different methods in editing a large body of work. You are the author of your work, but together we might be able to make your voice clearer.

Organizer:   Nordisk Journalist Centre/Danish School of Media and Journalism

Starting date:   October 3, 2016

Ending date:    April 30, 2017

Location:    St. Petersbourg, Copenhagen

maximun participants:    20

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