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Prospekt Photographers worked for 3 months with Corriere della Sera in order to realize “100 Giorni in Europa“, a multimedia project, funded by the European Parliament, which narrated the stories of the 28 EU countries in view of the European elections. 31 episodes, 30 journalists, 8 photographers and thousands kilometers.

Every episode has a specific topic, narrated through photographs and videos, that helps to understand a country, investigating its peculiarities, fears and hopes.

The photographers that have worked on this project are Samuele Pellecchia, Francesco Giusti, Massimo Sciacca, Pietro Masturzo, Francesco Merlini, Mattia Vacca, Diambra Mariani, Raffaele Petralla and Annalisa Brambilla.

Photo Editor: Francesco Merlini. Video Editing: Camilla Bianchi, Fausta Riva, Leonardo Biancanelli, Cosimo Quartana.

All the episodes of the project are online on this page

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