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Santiago (Chile) December 2019

During 2019 Christmas days the people’s protest in Chile continues harder. Every day thousands people try to reach the symbolic place of the “revolution of the 30 pesos”, Plaza Balquedano, re-named by the protesters “Plaza De La Dignidad” (Dignity Square). In these days of non-stop clashes between protestants and police, many people decided to give their help to protestants who have been hit or wounded by carabineros. Most of them are para-medic or nurses, other are just medicine students, but there are also normal citizens who want to help their own people from the unconventional kind of weapons often used by carabineros during the hard clashes in Dignity Square. Formed spontaneously during the first days of the protest, they are now an essential part of the protest, respected and clapped by people on the street while patrolling the front-line between carabineros and protesters. Many of these safe points were created close to the clashes points of the Dignity Square and attract every day by more and more young people in order to help, because they believe that “Dignity is the first step to build a future”

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