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The first months of the year 2020 may be remembered as the moment when the world stopped and for a few moments, cried.

From a distance, we observed what was happening in the Chinese city of Wuhan. With the emergence of a new virus for which there was no efficient medicine or therapy, the Chinese government isolated the entire Hubei region, the country’s 8th largest economic zone, trying to prevent the worst; the spread of the disease and the infection of hundreds of millions of Chinese citizens. Overnight, the free movement of more than 60 million people was forcibly interrupted. At the same time, by the thousands, patients died of suffocation in overcrowded hospitals, with their lungs stiffened, unable to oxygenate the blood of their bodies.

Almost like a bad dream, the apocalyptic idea of ​​a deadly global health crisis like those of the black plague came to stalk the imagination of people around the world, but it was first in Italy and then in Brazil that this nightmare came true.

While the images made in Italy show how a small community in the south of the country faced the worst moment of the crisis, with the world still perplexed, crying daily with the growing number of people who lost their lives, the images made in Brazil, exposes the moment when populism and the politicization of the crisis negatively affected the population of the country that even today, (19/09/2020) continues to suffer from the death of thousands of people every week.



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