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Mads Nissen has documented the civil war in Colombia since 2010. More than 50 years of conflict between the government army, guerrilla rebels and paramilitary groups has led to the internal displacement of 7 million citizens, leaving visible scars on the landscape and people of Colombia. 

“We are Indestructible” is the culmination of Nissen’s work, providing a portrait of a war-torn country navigating the complexities of newfound peace. A glimpse of the multi-layered seams of Colombia’s past, present and future.

From the offices of President Juan Manuel Santos to the forest encampments of the FARC guerrilla, from lush mountain ranges to slums on the outskirts of Colombia’s larger cities where 95% of the population are the displaced. Colombia is the main producer of cocaine in the world, fuelled by demand from the US and Europe. The economics of this drug trade, intertwined with poverty and inequality, in a country with an ingrained history and culture of violence, has fed the cycle of unrest.

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