June 2011

The end of an era. 30 years after its first mission, the Nasa announced the end of the Space Shuttle Programm, that has marked the human presence in the space for generations.

In june 2011, the program will come to an end. The Space Shuttle is the only model of spatial vehicle in the USA that is used for the transportation of human beings. Today the Space Shuttle is used mostly to transport crews from earth to the International Space Station, or to do the maintenance of astronomical telescopes.The program started under president Nixon in 1972 but just in 1981 the first shuttle, named Colombia, was launched from the Nasa site of Cape Canaveral in Florida, with a team of 2 men. After the dramatic accidents of the Challenger and the Columbia, the shuttles were modified in their structure.

Photographer Massimo Sciacca covered the shuttle launch on 24th february from Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space and Visitors Center, with all the activities connected to the so-called “shuttle tourism”.